Transform your company in a Data Driven organization

  • Data Driven organizations combine internal and external data with the human experience to take decisions that are more assertive.
    Data Driven organizations combine internal and external data with the human experience to take decisions that are more assertive.


Becoming a Data Driven company is a journey, not a destiny!


What is Data Driven? Workshop

Understand what a Data Driven journey is and how to do it.


Am I ready? Data Driven Index

Know if your company is ready to transform itself in a Data Driven organization.


From where do I start? Business Assessment

Identification, Prioritization and Measurement of the benefits of your company Data Driven activities.


Where to start? Trails and journeys

Putting into practice Data Driven strategies with the right tools.

Data Quality e Governança (LGPD)

Organization, Cleanliness and security rules definition, and Compliance using data according to the general law of data protection.

Analytics & Insights

Dashboards elaboration and indicators to take assertive decisions using the latest world market platforms.


Operation and Maintenance of Data structure, so you can have peace of mind.

Creating Data Lake and Pipelines

Have a corporative Data Directory in a safe and scalable way using the best market technologies.

Predictive Models

Creation of machine learning models to the prescription of indicators and identification of business opportunities.

Technology partners

Data Driven Journey Workshop

Know how the companies are differentiating themselves in the market using their data as an asset and creating products and services to conquest and keep the clients. The top management knows that they are up in a valuable data mountain, but they do not know how to extract this resource.

In this section, we will show from where to start a Data Driven Journey bringing examples and tools to put in practice any time.

Data Driven concept

The Data Driven phases

How to implement it

How to keep it

Before investing in any Data Driven initiative is important to identify in which level of Data Driven your company is.

Thus, we can anticipate the main difficulties according to our experience in implementing Data Driven, reducing the investment risk. 

Business Assessment

Business Assessment is an identification and prioritizing tool to initiatives based in the best market practices, using Design Thinking and Canvas. During this journey, we use the L3 methodology for mapping and prioritize the opportunities of innovation, according to the available resources, the time of implementation and the financial return (ROI). 

The final result is a Business Value Map, containing the measurable benefits of each tactical action, and the proposed solutions, related with the four value pillars.

Doing the Business Assessment with L3 was key to enable and approve the Project, because we could show in a clear and objective way to the Board´s Company the added value and financial return, which in the end is the most important factor.

Ewerton Mello Braga Garcia Júnior
Systems, Support, Processes and Quality Assurance Manager at Simpress

The partnership with L3 had made it possible for us to do an immersion involving the main business area of the company. When we compiled the process, we identified which of them could be optimized and which could be automated, making people free to focus on what really matters.

Ariovaldo Latanzio
Digital Transformation Manager at Sumicity

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